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29th Annual Charity Golf Outing
The Sagamore Club
Monday October 9, 2023



Gibault was founded in 1921 by the Indiana Knights of Columbus to provide troubled children and families the opportunity to grow emotionally, educationally, spiritually, physically and socially. The children’s growth occurs within a highly structured environment where the youth can test new behaviors while working on individualized treatment plans. Treatment plans are designed to teach students to improve their life skills so that they can maximize their potential to accept responsibility for their actions and to gain control over their behaviors.

Gibault seeks to correct critical thinking errors, as well as skewed perceptions of socially and morally acceptable behaviors in troubled youth. Gibault’s audience is the children, families, and communities we serve.

The children who benefit most from the services Gibault provides are: those with mild emotional disturbances, aggressive and oppositional behaviors, substance abuse issues, victims of physical and sexual abuse, perpetrators of physical and sexual abuse, learning disabled children, and children with a variety of clinical diagnosis.

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Little Sisters of the Poor

On October 25, 1792, in the fishing port of Cancale, in Brittany, France, a little girl was born whose name would one day be known on every continent. Less than four years later her father was lost at sea, like so many other Breton sailors. Jeanne Jugen and her siblings learned from their mother how to live poorly but courageously, with faith and love in God. When she was eighteen years old, Jeanne refused a first marriage proposal. "God wants me for Himself," she confided to her mother. "He is keeping me for a work which is not yet known, for a work which is not yet founded."

She would find this work more than twenty years later in Saint Servan, a city near Cancale, where she discovered a blind and paralyzed old woman who had been abandoned. Jeanne took her in her arms, brought her home and placed her in her own bed. Another old woman would follow, then a third...The Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Poor was born.

When Jeanne Jugan died on August 29, 1879, there were already 2,400 Little Sisters of the Poor caring for the elderly in nine countries. Today, in thirty-one countries around the world, we continue the work begun by Jeanne Jugan by serving the elderly of the human family.

Jeanne often told the young sisters, "Making the elderly happy, that is what counts." Today we wish to live out these words of our foundress with the help of many collaborators and friends.

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The O'Connor House

The O'Connor House began as a simple vision to help young women in crisis pregnancies. Colleen Dulac of Carmel, IN was in Washington D.C. on a trip to celebrate "March for Life " and walked on the mall in D.C. She went to the basilica one evening and heard a homily that would affect her profoundly; and she asked God what He wanted her to do. She received a message that she should open a home for unwed mothers back home in Indiana. When she came back from her trip she was so excited to start the mission and she began telling people of her idea. Colleen’s friend, Kris Bussick, heard her passion for “the unwed mothers home” and Kris believed God called her also, to help her friend with the mission. So together they began to pray and ask God to help them… and He did. God began to open doors for their mission and they researched the needs of the Hamilton County area and found there was not a home to help unwed mothers in the county and the surrounding area. They talked to hospitals, crisis pregnancy centers and found there was a desperate need to house women in crisis pregnancy and especially women who are over 18 who already have other children. Colleen and Kris decided to establish a Board of Directors that worked together with the city of Carmel for zoning issues and located a temporary home where they could begin the ministry.

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